Poppy Seed

12474025_10155034901173973_3957922013277152100_o (1)Since art school my personal art production has generally been very slow and intermittent with a general disposition of directing my creativity into work related functions when possible.  After art school I didn’t really draw for several years and when I finally got back at it, it was in a way that emphasized simplicity and repetition over realism (drawing lots of circles).  In August of 2016 I had been working on a sculptural drawing for about a year (at least the sculptural part of it).  The piece was composed of a skeletal structure built from recycled consumer cardboard boxes built up from a piece of scrap plexiglass and then covered with a skin of paper which involves stacking layer after layer of newspaper using modpodge.  The idea is that this eventually creates a sturdy enough surface to then draw on.  Wasn’t sure where I was going, but I liked the idea of revisiting my previous efforts to use reused materials in my work. which had previously resulted in a giant collapsed paper sculpture  August was also the month that I came home to discover I would be a father.

This realization inspired the direction I would proceed with my piece and for the next 9 months I worked feverishly at times layering paper with mod podge trying to get the color and gradient of the paper just right while beginning the most labor intensive part of the process, drawing the circles.

The title, Poppy Seed, comes from the size of my son when I first saw him in an ultrasound photo.  He was essentially a small circle with a second pulsing circle inside of it and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.